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Chiyono Anne Valentine Eyemask Collection '13

Chiyono Anne Valentine's EyeMask Collection '13

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優しく、マシュマロのように柔らかい肌触りで、デリケートな目周りに余計な圧力を一切かけないChiyono Anneのオリジナルアイマスクで、甘く、とろけるようなSweetな夢を♡♡


~Chiyono Anneが提案する、アイマスクを使った様々なシチュエーション~















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Chiyono Anne 2013 Valentine's Eye Mask Collection on sale from tomorrow, 26th Jan!Celebrate Valentine's Day with handcrafted eye masks. From pattern cutting to the final hand finishes, Chiyono made each piece in her Tokyo atelier. She uses a unique combination of pure silk satin imported from London, fine leathers and snake skin in these one-of-a-kind masks.


Show your love to the important girls in your life with a custom made mask on Valentine's Day♡Or spoil yourself...?



Chiyono's ideal eye mask situations:


★ In bed next to your sweetie 


★ To banish the light on those long journeys and business trips


★ As a present to your special girlfriend


★ To reward yourself with some luxury "Me" Time♡



- How to Order -


Flick through Chiyono Anne Valentine's Eye Mask Collection '13 Album (released on 26th 10am Tokyo Time). Reserve your favourite mask by writing the keyword "TAKEN" in the comment box of the product photo. This product will then become yours and sold out to others.You will then receive a confirmation message from Chiyono Anne in your fb inbox. 


* Please note that payment is via Japanese bank transfer. Nationwide shipping only.



We're here to answer any queries and special requests on hello@chiyono-anne.com



Photographs: Genevieve Sawtelle 

(VIVE!GENEVIEVE http://vivegenevieve.com), 

Model: Chiyono, Arisa, Nathalie

Text: Ayako, Chiyono